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Designed, manufactured and serviced in the UK

We’ve been using Dog Tracker Nano for about 8 months. Our dog, a large Labrador, likes to chase hares and Muntjac deer, and once he is on a scent he is unstoppable. Over the months he has had several disappearances where the Nano has been a great aid in finding him.

However, at the end of November the Nano became a life saver……..

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dog tracker
Available on Android and iPhone

Designed to keep your dog safe

With Dog Tracker Nano you can let your dog off the lead for the exercise they need, knowing they are protected from loss and theft. Good exercise can increase your dog’s life by more than 2 years.

  • Strong and hard-wearing

    Designed and manufactured in the UK for daily use in all conditions

  • Waterproof to 1 metre

    Rivers, lakes, rain and muddy puddles, no problem

  • Powerful battery and antenna

    Up to 5 days between charges, 3-4 days for active dogs

  • Fits securely on a collar or harness

    Designed for maximum comfort and safety

  • Weighs less than a mobile phone

    At under 70 grams your dog won’t notice the Nano

  • Audible safety alerts

    Immediately know when your dog goes astray, the battery
    needs charging or someone has pressed the panic alert

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Available on Android and iPhone

The fastest and most accurate tracking

When your dog goes missing you need to act fast. With Dog Tracker Nano you can locate them in seconds on your mobile, whether they are nearby or far away

  • Constant live GPS tracking

    See where your dog is and where they are going

  • Unlimited range

    Track your dog wherever they are

  • Detailed satellite and street maps

    No place to hide whatever the terrain

  • Viewcam and compass directions

    Find your dog in the dark or when they are hidden from view

  • Virtual safety zones with audible alerts

    Set a perimeter around your home or current location
    with instant mobile alerts when your dog leaves the zone

  • Multiple dogs and multiple users

    You, your family and friends can track your
    dogs for extra safety and security

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dog tracker
Available on Android and iPhone

"Nano is like a Fitbit for your dog"

For a happy long life together your dog should be in good shape.
With Dog Tracker Nano you can monitor their daily activity and set goals for ideal weight, exercise and nutrition

  • Track and review walks

    Track route, distance, time and speed on and off the lead

  • Set and measure exercise goals

    Make sure your dog gets the exercise they need for their wellbeing

  • Monitor your dog’s daily activity

    See how active your dog is throughout the day, week or month

  • Calorie, weight and exercise advice for your dog

    Know how much to feed your dog, how much they should
    weigh and how much exercise they need

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Happy Customers wearing their Nano

Getting Started & Everyday Use

Check out our Getting Started Guides and FAQs for help and advice on using your Dog Tracker Nano

Mhya is a fantastic female Labrador-cross rescue dog. She has a very good character and lots of enthusiasm for meeting new people and other dogs.

Having the tracker has been really helpful to keep us reassured of her whereabouts during the walks, and to quickly follow her around when she gets a bit too enthusiastic and adventurous for her own good!

Christian G

We have spent many days and nights searching for Tammy. Christmas day was ruined when she decided to chase and run off. She once spent two days on Ilkley moor and travelled through the town centre on a busy Saturday. She even used to be able to get over a 6ft fence and swim in the fish pond next door! We bought a different tracker first that didn’t work and then saw the PDSA site recommended your tracker…. AMAZING.

We lost her in France and UK and found her instantly using the app and it was an absolute godsend. If we had an escape artist dog again I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one. The dog tracker nano is absolutely brilliant.

It works fantastically and the App is great, totally recommend.

Cath S

I can’t tell you how much the Nano Dog Tracker has changed our walks. We have two Cockerpoos who love chasing rabbits, deer, squirrels, birds and anything else that moves. Our daily walks would usually involve us spending more time calling for them and searching through the woods than actually walking. As soon as we started using the Nano we could relax and enjoy not only our usual walks but also new walks.

The Nano doesn’t stop the dogs from enjoying themselves in the woods and we can see where they are and find them easily. In fact, now they usually come looking for us as we don’t call them back as frequently as we used to! I can’t recommend the Nano tracker enough – worth every penny!

Mary-Louise W

We really use the tracker a lot. Leo is a 13 year old JRT, slightly deaf with a wandering instinct. Should really keep him on the lead these days but he does like to do his own thing. When you least expect it he is off!  He doesn’t travel far off the route but having the tracker shows us where he is.

The tracker is that ‘peace of mind’ for us.

Our dog walker ‘lost’ him twice (not her fault!) and it was only because of the tracker that we found him. It really is an amazing bit of kit. Other dog walkers often ask what it is and I always show them the app and say how great it is.

David B

Out of sight

I thought I’d share my views on GPS collars to help anyone thinking of making a purchase. We have had Smoocher almost 2 years and in that time have tried a variety of ways to monitor his location. The first was to use Tigger2 our Labrador, but he is easily distracted with other dogs or smells, so proved ineffective. I then bought a TKstar tracker off Ebay but this was awkward to setup and very unreliable. So before driving to Portugal for our latest hols, we bought the Dog Tracker Nano; which is easy to use and has a great app to show where he is in relation to you. Definitely worth the investment to takesome of the stress when he runs out of sight!

Gary, Hampshire

More fun for you and your dog

Approaching 18 months of use and the Nano has provided us with confidence on our woodland walks. Does not take much for our small man to disappear in the undergrowth, having a location fix on him means we do not have to worry. We recently had 3/4G network added in our area which now means the app is a breeze.

The Dogtracker team have provided excellent customer service and are always there to help out. Anyone that is thinking of buying this product , contemplate no more… get one and I promise that within the packaging is a collar that provides more fun for your beloved pet and more relaxed walks for you 🙂

Phil, Kings Lynn

Fast running dogs

I have just bought our first Nano. I must admit that I was a little sceptical but since I have been using it for the last 10 days I am delighted with the performance. I am using the 10 second roaming SIM which is worth the extra as our Wire Haired Vizslas are quite fast moving. Until yesterday I had just used it for walks, but I tried it on one of the dogs while we were out shooting.  Mobile coverage in the area is not good but I had a complete record of the dogs track. It is interesting to see how she tackled the different ground. The whole unit seems very robust. In all a very satisfied customer.

Jim de C

Peace of mind

After the great customer service and the product reliability it was a must have product. 100% recommended. The peace of mind it has provided has been beyond our expectations. Seriously, if you have any concerns about your pet’s location, you must try it

Philip A

Nano to the rescue

Our dog, a large Labrador, likes to chase hares and Muntjac. Once he is on a scent he is unstoppable. At the end of November the Nano became a life saver. My wife was walking him in open country, turned round and he was gone. I could see on my iPhone that he was 1.8 miles from her but hadn’t moved for 20 minutes.

I drove as close as possible and started walking towards him. When I got close I saw him standing still and covered in blood. He had run into a barbed wire fence and torn his right shoulder to the bone. Without the Nano I doubt we would have found him again in such a remote location. We think the Nano saved his life.

Graham & Anne W

The serial offender

I have my Nano set up to simply track Izzy, my black Labradoodle, who disappears into the blackness of the early nights & late mornings. Where’s my dog? Hiding! Deliberately defying my calls to come back indoors while clearly within earshot, according to the satellite images. She’s busted: very funny, but also a massive relief as previously I’ve fretted that she’s wandering down the middle of the Bath Road. It’s great to see this working & my initial review is this is a Godsend. Can’t wait to set up the pin drop perimeter which should be useful as our land is an odd configuration. She’s a bit of a tart when in season, so this will be particularly invaluable at those times…

Bridget J

Off on an adventure

Thanks to The Nano, we have Monty back!!!! He got spooked this morning and took himself off on an adventure and we were able to track him, jump on a quad bike and get a rather shaky boy back home.
A certain Monty decided to take himself off for a walk this morning! Soooo glad we invested in his Nano tracker. Thank to our neighbour giving David a lift on his quad bike.
Paula West

Choose the Nano that's right for you

  • Make it yours

    Choose a blue, red or black Nano to suit your dog with a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty

  • Save on packages

    Choose a Security Pack, Special Edition or Gold Edition with upgrades, accessories and discounts

  • Pay now or later

    Choose a monthly, one or two year fixed price subscription with unlimited UK and EU use

  • Four in one

    Choose O2, 3, EE or Vodafone for the best signal where you exercise your dog

Personalise your Nano with exclusive upgrades and accessories

  • Security Collar

    Prevent anyone removing the Nano from your dog. Ideal if you are worried about theft and want a deterrent

  • Roaming SIM

    Upgrade to a Roaming SIM for the strongest signal wherever you are. Ideal if you live in an area with poor reception or go out and about with your dog

  • Speed Track

    Upgrade to Speed Track to increase the frequency of location data to every 10 seconds. Ideal if you have a fast running dog and want the most accurate tracking

  • Clam Shell Cover

    For extra protection from wear and tear. Ideal if your dog loves digging, wrestling or charging about

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